Designers against AIDS (DAA) is organizing a brand new project where fashion designers and students make a new outfit from unsold second hand clothes at Pardaf Antwerp- the oldest vintage store of the Benelux. 
Today we got a visit from 12 year old neighbour Luca Van Meervelde, who is in her first year of the 'Atheneum' high school in Schilde and who has to make a brochure about a SOA- and she opted for HIV/AIDS and Designers against AIDS! 
Hello all of you. My name is Gerrit Noerens, I’m 38 years old and I’m living in Welle, part of the Eastern Flemish town of Denderleeuw. 
Just in time for Valentine's Day our friends over at Schön Magazine surprised us with this video, where 8 models rap against AIDS (or at least give it a damn good try) while showing the latest fashions.

This is what it says on the website of Schön Magazine:
This Valentine’s Day, couples all over the world will be celebrating their love for one another – with one another. 
Pregnancy is a great time for sex. Not kidding. For one, you're not going to get pregnant again, at least not at the moment, so no worries there. 
Since 2014 we are doing a pilot project in Indonesia for 'Asia against AIDS-Back To Zero', with the aim of informing young people about HIV/AIDS and the need for safe sex, using international pop culture like we do with Designers against AIDS, mixed with local culture and ambassadors. 
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