I'm pretty sure that deep down, we're all fans of Harry Potter. Some people more than others, of course. I have seen the movies, but a lot of people have also read the books (one day I will read them, I promise! 
Kendall Jenner is known as the half-sister of Kim Kardashian and in 2015 she was the most googled model in the world. 
Last week I came up with the idea to start a new campaign for Designers Against AIDS. 
Today two girls of the United International Business School in Antwerp came to the education center. 
Whether it’s the Joker to your Batman or the Green Goblin to your Spiderman, every hero has its villain. 

Following a year long pilot program in Indonesia called Bali Against AIDS, we now plan to expand the project to cover the entire country, reaching out to young people with all the information they need for their sexual health including what diseases are out there, symptoms, protecting themselves, where to get tested, their rights as well as the support available to them regarding these matters. 
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