It's been a year since Zurich, Switzerland, installed drive-in "sex-boxes" to improve safety for sex workers and now authorities are hailing the program as a success. 
Also read our updates from The Huffington Post and VICE Magazine under the original article please.
Is polishing of your nails one of your steps to prepare for a party? In the future it can be recommended as a pre-party procedure even more: 
You read it here first: Conchita Wurst is the fashion world's newest fascination. 
Are you ready for some entertainment? Are you ready for a show? Grab a needle and scissors and make your best Freddie Mercury costume! 
This week we're very busy: not only are we expecting a visit from a film crew to shoot a video here, but we're also working on expanding and promoting the DAA Online Charity Shop. 
A girl born with HIV and seemingly cured with medications, now has had detectable levels of the virus return at the age of 3 1/2.
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