Recently I read this article about a man who claimed painkillers turned him gay. Yes you read that right. A grown man, claimed that pills made him homosexual. 
For those among you who don't know what catcalling is, let me enlighten you. It has nothing to do with cute kittens, such a shame. 
The last couple of years more and more attention is focused on equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community. 
We're very proud of our book 'Designers against AIDS-The First Decade' and think it's the perfect present for someone you love. 
In 2011 Marc Jacobs created 3 different Playboy T-shirts to benefit DAA. 
Designers against AIDS (DAA) is organizing a brand new project where fashion designers and students make a new outfit from unsold second hand clothes at Pardaf Antwerp- the oldest vintage store of the Benelux. 
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