Seven year old Charlotte Benjamin pointed out a major fault that Lego made with its dolls: "I don't like that there are more Lego boys and hardly any Lego girls," she wrote in the letter that she sent to The Lego Group earlier this year. 
Taking to Twitter to unveil her second Viva Glam MAC collaboration, green-haired beauty Rihanna shocked fans with a neon wig and green leather outfit. 
This week we're very busy: not only are we expecting a visit from a film crew to shoot a video here, but we're also working on expanding and promoting the DAA Online Charity Shop. 
AIDS and HIV have been hot topics over the last year—particularly after the release of films like Dallas Buyers Club and The Normal Heart—but a new study shows that teens may think of the disease as a thing of the past: 
A girl born with HIV and seemingly cured with medications, now has had detectable levels of the virus return at the age of 3 1/2.
As many as 3.699 cases of HIV/AIDS were identified in Bali during the period of January-June 2014, with the majority of cases found in the island’s capital city of Denpasar. 
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