On the 20th of March you could already read on the blog that 2 girls from the United International Business School Antwerp came to the Education center with the demand if they could promote our online charity webshop with a special event. 

Starting today Designers against Aids is active on the website ‘Fabusco’. Some of you may think FABWHAT?! 
Today is the day! Ninette had to say goodbye to her Designers against Aids team, her house and ofcourse to the cats. 
This weekend festival season is kicking off for real with Coachella, so we made a great selection of must-have festival goodies for him & her in our online store. 
Kendall Jenner is known as the half-sister of Kim Kardashian and in 2015 she was the most googled model in the world. 
Whether it’s the Joker to your Batman or the Green Goblin to your Spiderman, every hero has its villain. 
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