Talented director and writer Vincent Gagliostro is working on his movie 'After Louie' and he needs your support for this, which is why he started a fundraising project on Kickstarter.

After Louie is a feature-length narrative film that explores the contradictions of modern gay life and history through Sam (Alan Cumming), a man desperate to understand how he and his community got to where they are today. 
If your company has the words ‘designers’ and ‘aids’ in its name, you can’t go without finding the perfect mix between fashion and charity. 
We have some exciting news: international super star Cinta Laura teamed up with us for a new limited edition collection! 
Remember that time I wrote a blog about the photo shoot with Diali and Matti from Dominique Models? Well we also made a fashion campaign video to introduce our new ambassadors and to ask them why Designers Against Aids is so important to them. 
'Greater Than AIDS' is back with another amazing Youtube series- and it’s all about preventing HIV. 
Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil is the heir to a 650 year-old dynasty, and the first Indian royal to come out as gay. 
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