Met vijf meter hoge opblaasbare piemels vaart het Aids Fonds op zaterdag 1 augustus mee tijdens de jaarlijkse Canal Parade, het hoogtepunt van de Amsterdamse Gaypride. 
The Bali Post reports on July 27 that new cases of HIV/AIDS in Bali continue to grow at an alarming rate, with between 180-200 new infections recorded in the month of May 2015. 
We have many reasons to like US president Barack Obama (Medicare, marriage equality...) and he just gave us one more, during his trip in Kenya, when he said during a speech that in his opinion, homophobia is a form of racism too. 
Since we started our Youth For A Better World education center at the end of 2009 we have received over 120 international residential students here and around 60 interns who live in Belgium and go home at night. 
Cinta Laura Kiehl -also known as Cinta Laura- is a popular Indonesian actress and singer, who began her career in 2007 when she starred in several TV series. 
On July 7, UNAIDS, WHO and UNFPA have released a communal statement about the use of condoms to prevent HIV infections and other STD's and unplanned pregnancies. 
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