Who are we?

Designers Against AIDS is an international project launched in 2004 by non-profit organization Beauty Without Irony. Through celebrities from fashion, music, sports and art, we at DAA work with informing as many people as possible about the possible dangers of unprotected sex – specifically the threat of HIV/AIDS.



Well, what exactly do we do?

We work together with designers, celebritries and people in other important roles to keep you up to date, and hope you’ll help us by informing yourself and staying safe during sex, getting tested regularly, sharing – so that you may help others and of course we take donations should you be in a giving mood.

Don’t forget World AIDS Day on December 1st

Visit www.worldaidsday.org  to read more about World AIDS Day

Check out the latest from the DAA blog:

Audrey Kitching

Audrey Kitching

We never had such a sugar sweet friend before! American model & designer Audrey Kitching is an internet icon and phenomenon amongst youngsters, inspiring them with her unique look and straightforward lifestyle. From winning awards from the International Modeling...

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