Beauty Without Irony

Beauty Without Irony and Designers Against AIDS are two sides of the same coin. While Designers Against AIDS seeks to prevent ugliness in the world – by raising awareness to stop the spread of the disease called HIV/AIDS, Beauty Without Irony is about adding beauty to the world.

Beauty Without Irony wants to bring about a change in mentality, a return to pure beauty that touches people, instead of prefabricated and mass marketed fashion, music, art, photography, politics and even feelings. It’s also about values that are valid forever, not just one season or for the duration of one trend.


Events BWI wants to put up includes the website (as a forum where artists can see each others ‘creations, read, get inspired), books (the first one, called ‘Designers against AIDS- The First Decade!’ was published by Ludion in October 2010 and is still for sale) and exhibitions in cities all over the world. Our first international expo was called ‘Air/Port 2013’ and was held in Essaouira, Morocco in July and August of that year, with it’s follow-up being held in Antwerp, Belgium in July and August of 2014. Our next city of choice is Los Angeles, where we plan a brand new concept.

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