Eyewear Designer To The Stars Becomes A Friend Of DAA

Hi my name is Stevie Boi, I am a luxury eyewear, accessories and garment designer. I was born June 28th 1989. My experience in the fashion industry has given me great deal of power and respect for others in my position. I am happy to be apart of Designers Against Aids (DAA) because it brings awareness of protection. Though HIV/Aids hasn't affected my life, I know many people that were affected by this crucial disease. To avoid the many factors, its best to take more precautions than just wearing a condom. Many people that I spoke with stepped into a barrier mentally by trusting their partners before engaging into sex. The best thing to do is get tested. Be very open about the disease in conversation and protect yourselves at all times. I take this very seriously, because it scares me more then any death factor. The best cure we can find is to protect ourselves. Hopefully within the next five years we will save many of those that were born with the disease as well as those who carried it for years. Once again, I am Stevie Boi, proud member of DAA.

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