Naked Street Fashion Contest

The  Elena Franchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation (Ukraine) announced the launch of a graphic design contest called Naked Street Fashion. Their goal is to present the idea that "good sex is safe sex" into day-to-day life Ukrainian youth. So what do you need to do to enter this contest? You have te create an edgy, witty and stylish design that can be printed on a t-shirt or on underwear. Underwear is the last garnement people see before having sex. It is the last chance to reming you why and how to be protected from AIDS. So why wouldn’t you put a safe sex message on your underpants? The design should be clear, bright and ironic to attract the attention to the safe sex and to stimulate condom use.

And there’s something in it for you too because the winner of this contest will receive 5000 USD!  Designs should be submitted before 10 AM, March 1 2010.

For more info on technical requests click here.

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