The Exclusive Baggit Collection!

The black 'BAGGIT' shopper was created by an enthusiastic and inventive class of the

Royal Lyceum in Antwerp (Belgium) who wanted to work on a project for their economy classes that was both original and ecological. All sales proceeds will be directly donated to Designers Against Aids by Lombardia(the hot veggie eating spot in Antwerp on Lombardenvest), where you can buy one of these precious bags for 5 € now. The 'BAGGIT' is comfortable to wear, fashionable because of its funky design and there's enough space to tuck away all your shopping goodies- by buying one, you'll instantly become the eco queen/king of your hood and help us with our HIV/AIDS awareness work. 

What are you still waiting for? Hush hush to Lombardia in Antwerp, to get your hands on one of these exclusive bags!

DAA needs your support, because:

If you’re not gay or from a poor, African village, you might think HIV has nothing to do with you. And you’d be wrong. HIV infections are rising in the West, spreading through unprotected sex between heterosexuals. In some European countries, more than one third of new infections are in women. More than 65,000 Americans and Western Europeans became HIV-positive last year, adding to the more than half a million people living with HIV in Western and Central Europe, and more than one million Americans who are HIV positive.


DAA is sincerely trying to put a hold to this.

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