Antwerp Diner 2010

Last night over 500 people came together in Hangar 26 at Stuurboord for the 11th edition of Antwerp Diner, an exclusive benefit party organized to raise money for HIV/AIDS projects.   Next to Sensoa -the Flemish center for sexual health information- and the Institute of Tropical Medicine,Antwerp Diner introduced two new beneficiaries: Tomorrow4Isibani and Designers against AIDS!   Ninette talking about DAA and the Education Center   It was a very successful evening and the proceeds will go to these particular projects:* Sensoa will build a new website where seropositive people and their families and friends can find all the information on living with HIV/AIDS;* The Institute of Tropical Medicine continues the research on HIV/AIDS medication and more in particular the research of genes that might stop the disease;* Tomorrow4Isibani will build a daycare center for young children in South-Africa who lost their parents because of HIV/AIDS;* and we at DAA will use it to sponsor the first students that come to the International HIV/AIDS Awareness Education Center- which is opening in two days!   During this gala night eleven Belgian top chefs took over the kitchen: serving us a delicious 4 course meal along with some beautiful wines and finishing with chocolates in the shape of red ribbons, a spermatozoid and the tip of a condom (with 'safe sex' written on it). There even was a chocolate flavoured condom for each of the guests.             this was the chocolate flavored condom, served together with the other chocolates. I almost ate it thinking it was a chocolate in a condom wrapper..   Between the courses artists took over the stage: Jean Bosco Safari, Paul Michiels and Sandra Kim, who won the Eurovision songcontest in 1986 with her song "J'aime, j'aime la vie"! It was a nice evening, we met members of the other organizations and shared our inspirations and beliefs. After all the wining and dining it was time to hit the dance floor with Discobar A Moeder behind the turntables!     Special thanks to: the Antwerp Diner organization, the chefs, the volunteers in the kitchen and serving the tables and of course all the people who were there to support this event and who help us in our fight against HIV/AIDS.