Are you a clever dick?

The Clever Dick website for gay and bisexual men living in the UK went live today highlight of the website is a simple survey which you can complete to ascertain your Sex Score. Your Sex Score is a measure of how risky your sexual behaviour is in terms of becoming HIV positive or passing the virus onto someone else. It's simply executed and great to see a tool that also speaks to people living with HIV who are concerned about passing on the virus to others, not just the usual "am I at risk?" communications. Respect for yourself... respect for your lovers... life need not be complicated under the covers. (I promise the rhyme was not intentional).The site also provides a downloadable all you need to know guide on condoms and lube, especially which types of condoms (latex, non-latex etc) and which types of lube (water, oil, silicon etc) can be friends and which ones should steer well clear of one another.  Are you a clever dick? Take the test here