At Home with Hannelore

After the pillow fighting mayhem that took Central Station by storm on Tuesday, the students who have been hard at work for the past 2 months preparing the ‘DAA by JBC’ collection launch finally had some downtime. Smiles wide with achievement, the students headed back to the IHAEC center in Deurne (where students from all over the world volunteer their time conceptualising and later implementing an HIV/AIDS awareness campaign) and plonked themselves at the kitchen bench to reflect on the day. However, the downtime they had wasn't quite what they were expecting as hanging about the kitchen as well was Belgian model Hannelore Knuts, DAA ambassador and face of the new ‘DAA by JBC’ collection! She introduced herself to the students with radiant warmth and apologised for not having time to chat to them at the station earlier that day. They all sat at the counter, Hannelore with elbows nestled on the table and leaning forward with interest while the students discussed their experiences putting the campaign together and their future plans now that the hard work at IHAEC was over. Hannelore also had an opportunity to discuss how she came to be an ambassador for DAA, after a long standing friendship with DAA's founder Ninette Murk coupled with a growing interest in helping build HIV awareness. Veniamin showed Hannelore the film he had been working on that documents the students’ journey since arriving at the IHAEC center, Clizia shared the beginnings of her own fashion label with Hannelore, while Alexandra was particularly interested in learning that the virtual pillow fight projection used in the campaign was filmed in her own hometown Barcelona. Hannelore's casual manner and warmth wasn't quite what the students were expecting but came as a welcome addition to their much needed downtime. As Hannelore was leaving, she mentioned Facebook as a great way to stay in touch. After a moment’s pause, she let out a large chuckle having just remembered her friend limit had already been reached. Way to go, Mark Zuckerberg. However, her 5000 friends came as no surprise to the students, who spent the rest of the day talking about how wonderful it was to meet her!