Chicks Mix

When four crazy smart girls meet up and mix their huge talent –never mind they perform on a stage, a museum or an art gallery. - One thing is clear: you are dealing with the Chicks on Speed. And Maria Club in Berlin expected a Chicks’ hurricane for the Fashion Against AIDS launch party -which took place the 7th of February.  I was at that party and I swear all of you guys that it was not a hurricane, it was even worse.  Mean... the gig itself was gorgeous and it became a hilarious performance in which lots of people from the public were requested to jump on the stage. I felt tension during the whole gig due to the massive dancing but the girls knew how to manage the whole situation. And then, in the middle of all this premeditated chaos, Peaches appeared to sing her lyrics on “We don't play guitars”. That was the point in which madness achieved its highest point of the night. And we have found the tube. Check the video below (despite of the bad quality) and enjoy the Andrés Pina DAA