DAA blogs from the World AIDS Conference in Vienna!

After an intensive week of preparing for my trip to Vienna I'm all set! A suitcase full of flyers and condoms - customs will probably have some questions- a camera in one hand, my flight ticket in the other...ready to conquer Vienna.   Besides a lot of interesting meetings I'll also be attending a contemporary fashion exhibition called ‘Fish and Chips, Twice Please?!', that is presenting the UK as a hub for international design talent. The exhibition is directed and curated by British fashion designer Emma Bell and curator Polona Dolzan. You might think: what is DAA going to do there? I'm happy to say that I'll be hosting a presentation about pop culture and HIV/AIDS awareness on the 19th of July, so feel free to join me there! 'Fish and Chips, Twice Please?!' will be hosting an array of features promoting HIV/AIDS awareness, ranging from craft workshops for children in co-operation with JEF, live knitting circles and a special DAA film screening. Their knitting and craft workshops offer children and passers-by the opportunity to contribute a square to add to a special patchwork that the group are creating to raise HIV/AIDS awareness and that will be donated to Designers Against AIDS upon completion.   Tomorrow I'll be arriving in Vienna and I'll get back to you guys asap!   XSteffi