DAA in Kenia

A while a go we recieved an e-mail from an incredible young, only 24 years old, and passionate girl called Madeleine Dolleman. She  was born in Kenya and lived there untill she graduated from high school in 2004. Since then she 's been living in Holland and did a bachelor at the University College Utrecht. She currently in med-school and has only two more years to go till she's a doctor!   Madeleine Dolleman volunteered for an organization called Community Health Africa Trust (CHAT) in Kenya who via mobile clinics, per car or camel, support the local community in remote parts of Kenya.   This picture was taken during a mobile camel clinic that Madeleine did from October to November. They walked for a month, through very remote areas of Kenya, to give basic curative health care, educate about family planning and offer family planning services, as well as educating the local community about HIV/AIDS and testing them for HIV. The team consisted of 8 camels and 9 people: 1 doctor, 3 camel handlers, 4 HIV counsellors/testers and Madeleine. The camels carried all their supplies for that month, not only medicines and HIV testing kits but also their bags, tents, food and water.   In that month they walked about 250 kilometers, tested about 900 (!) people for HIV, handed out boxes upon boxes of condoms and treated just under 700 patients for a variety of illnesses.     We asked Madeleine how people in Kenya reacted to her shirt and this is her answer:   “Because we were in very remote areas of Kenya most of the people are illiterate and thus could not read the "USE ONE" written on my t-shirt. The people that did, however, all would ask "use one what?!" and then I would explain to them the importance of condoms in preventing the spread of HIV. In that sense it was a good shirt to bring a topic, which is still quite taboo in Kenya, out into the open.”     Go Madeleine, keep up the good work you're doing!