DAA touched by Bette Midler's letter to gay youth and America

Here at DAA we firmly believe that what we do is more than just educating the general public on safe sex, it's also about respect. Respect for life, yourself and others. To some it might sound like a very naive message, especially in these times, where the Internet takes over from the real world and words like respect, friendship, love or beauty seem to lose their meaning. Many people might think believing in a positive world, where people act responsibly and respectfully, is a lost cause. We don't listen to nihilistic nonsense like that. The positive reactions we get from all over the world, people who believe in what we do, youngsters who are getting involved are the living proof that things can change. We're not there yet, but we are definitely getting closer! Our heart goes out to those who have to fight against all odds, who are being judged every day just for who they are. That's why we were extremely touched by Bette Midler's letter to gay youth and America, as a reaction to the string of suicides within the gay youth community in the US. "Live and let live" -Bette's message is clear. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Basic values and respect could make this earth a different place. (Read more on Perez Hilton's blog) Choosing death over a life with daily bullying and assaults is a very desperate, clear cry for help. To all young people reading this: never be afraid to be who you are. It's not always easy to follow your heart, but at the end of the day that will be your strength. Don't let others take this away from you. Things are changing, people are listening, we are listening. If you have doubts and fears, share them, for if you keep them locked up they will only become bigger and get to the beauty that is you! Also have a look at this video made by ‘The Trevor Project'.