'De Invasie': peaceful warriors fight for DAA!

The Invasion has just started, a big welcome to the Warriors! But please don't run to your helmets, and down with knives and forks, as you could hurt yourself...this is a peaceful invasion and, what's more, a highly creative one. So get the right side of your brain started and read on, because there's a new load of exclusive DAA goodies on the market!De Invasie (The Invasion) is an innovative platform where you can find creations by young & talented designers from Belgium and The Netherlands. But - you may ask - what has DAA to do with that? Easily said: we have our army of designers, too! Last week these creative warriors exposed some of their amazing products in Leuven, at STUK Kunstencentrum. Missed that? No problem: by clicking here you now have the chance to fight over one or more of their creations. Whether it's a unique dress, a fashionable lamp or an inspiring canvas, you'll be sure to get what you're looking for. And again creativity is good for everybody: our designers have decided to donate all the profits to DAA. So why not take a tour? But remember: the collection is limited, so hurry up!