Exams... Why Are You Doing This To Me?

I am quite young so it’s not a surprise that most of my friends are still studying and thus in full exam mode right now. How does this influence me? Well, at home it goes a bit like this: I open the door  - singing along to the song playing on my phone- and gaze straight into the eyes of my frustrated boyfriend who starts shushing me from the moment I walk in. The trick here is to sneak by gently, hide in the living room and watch series in silence – so with headphones and without breathing - With my friends, it’s much the same. If I, during this period, ever make the daring choice of texting one of them to go for a drink – temporarily forgetting that they’re also behind books – they will make sure I’m reminded of the fact that they have no spare time and I should remember this. And If I forget, they will gladly remind me by smacking their books against my head...  And If , by extreme luck, I see one of my friends occasionally – and I think everyone who has ever had exams , will recognize this– they’re in full zombie mode.  This means: sweatpants, forgot-to –shower-hairstyles, surrounded by chocolate or other comfort food and laughing hysterically with every joke I make since they’re so tired their brain is slowly dying a painful death.  Good thing? My facebook feed is filled with regular updates and funny youtube-videos! But let’s get serious for a second. This is my first year without exams and if I’m honest, I kind of miss it… - Never EVER thought I’d say this – but instead of whimpering over the past, I will  give all you hard working students a few motivational songs that helped me ‘through my days’. You want some cute baby animals that are seriously disappointed with the fact that you’re not doing what you’re suppose to?  Click here. Or a musical song for you to dramatically sing along to? Here’s one for you!   Anyway, enjoy. And if it’s over, I strongly advice you to party like crazy – but do it safe!