Fans of our book showing us LOVE

We got a lot of nice reactions on our book: from art- and fashionlovers to DAA supporters and fans of the stars that worked with us. Thank you to everyone who showed their appreciation! Here's one of many: a happy book owner, Tokio Hotel fan and DAA supporter, sweet Camila wrote us:   Hi. ♥ It's an amazing book, everytime you pass thru the pages is a new sensation, since every artist that donated photographs left a bit of his or her emotions and feelings in them. To me as Tokio Hotel fan is very exciting to see some of their personal pictures, is a feeling that gets you closer to them. I am very happy to have the chance to own this book, I recommend it to all Tokio Hotel fans.The Tokio Hotel pictures, are great and the poster is beautiful. If you are not a Tokio Hotel fan but like art, this book has to be part of your collection. Thanks, Designers against AIDS - The First Decade. Kisses..♥Camila Votteler.  Do you also have the book? Let us know your thoughts!