Happy Tokio Hotel International Day 2011!

On the 16th of April everywhere around the globe Tokio Hotel fans will come together to show their love and support for the band: it's the official Tokio Hotel International Day in 2011. In over 50 cities worldwide, events will be held where fans (described by singer Bill Kaulitz as "the best fans in the world") can join together for various activities. One of these events will be held in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada. There, on Saturday the 16th, fans will come together to make pictures, chat, exchange stories, listen to their favourite songs, have fun and show their support for Tokio Hotel. But not only for Tokio Hotel -we are very happy to hear that the fans also support us, Designers Against Aids, again! Ever since the group designed their ‘Rock Hard, F*ck Safe' T-shirt for Fashion Against Aids in 2009 we've been great fans of Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav and we love the fact that they are always willing to support our cause and carry out the safe sex message that is so important. We would like to wish every TH fan out there a fantastic Tokio Hotel International Day on the 16th of April and we hope that all of you will also help raise money for our new education center, so that we can also invite students from poorer countries who can't pay for their own flights themselves. We from the DAA team agree with Bill: you are the best fans in the world! If you'd like to have more information about the worldwide events, continue reading here. The official Canada Street Team also made a very nice promo video, watch it!