KAA @ Beursschouwburg - The Event!

Last Friday the Beursschouwburg in Brussels hosted an unforgettable night, with tons of designers, great music and a good cause, of course: the support of HIV/AIDS related projects. Marina Yee's powerful installation was a real attraction: a big, red-lighted room showed her innovative work made of scarves...colourful, different scarves that were then auctioned to raise funds. What is better than a scarf to remind ourselves that we should take care of life? Just as you wrap yourself with a warm scarf before hitting the freezing city, well, simply remember to wrap yourselves on other occasions too! :-)   The result was amazing, a constant flow of visitors and bidders. And to top it up, after the auction some good music played live because...well, because it was Friday night and we were in Brussels!   Enjoy some of the pics here!