Keep it Tokio Hotel...and keep it safe!

Hey guys!My my, how I'm loving all these Tokio Hotel fans...On the 19th of September, fans from all over the world celebrated the boys of their dreams and their careers...but also promoted DAA!A happy bunch of fan clubs felt prepared to spread our safe sex message and some Tokio Hotel love at the same time - and they did such a wonderful job!They hit the streets with signs, banners, FAA shirts and enthusiastic voices, raised money for DAA, made promovideos, held a quiz on HIV/AIDS and so much more! I can't express how proud I am of these boys and girls for embracing the opportunity to carry out a message that can save lives. These are the warmest two words I can give you all: thank you. I'd also like to thank Tokio Hotel as a band and their whole team, for continuing to support DAA, for caring about the lives of others and for motivating thousands of fans around the world to use their head and follow their heart. Much love and appreciation, Frauke So...take a look at their wonderful work below! Presenting you: The Original Houston Texas Tokio Hotel Fan Team+ Tokio Hotel Denver Colorado Street Team Banners, banners!Wow!This amazing team organized a raffle of a FAA shirt...and here's the lucky winner!As long as you keep it safe...;)Smile!We're so thankful that this team also raised $200 for DAA, wow!"Don't be silly...put a condom on your willy!" The Fan Team president also made sure to hand out safe sex flyers to all those who were present.That's some promotion! See more pictures hereVisit the myspace page! Thanks to Tara, president of this amazing fanteam and all members who helped promoting DAA!Presenting you: Houston Texas Tokio Hotel FanclubThe most amazing banner ever, we want it!Hitting the streets...Rock hard!Time for a break......and here we go again! Making sure everyone sees!See more pictures hereVisit the website! Thanks to Tracie and Desi and all the members of the team for creating such a heartwarming fan club and helping us out! Presenting you: Tokio street team Belgium Bill and Tom were there as well? Well, sort of. The street team leaders and the Tom and Bill look-a-likes Tim & Kai.Rocking those FAA shirts!Quiz quiz on HIV/AIDS...a lot of these girls and boys knew how to keep it safe, so thumbs up!Making the video...Me going through 'the script' with Tim a.k.a. Tom Visit Tokio Street Team Belgium See more pictures hereThe promovideo for DAA! -Rock hard, F*** safe!-After a concert...Fan : "Oh my god,it was so good!"Fan: "Did you say how Tom humped his guitar?"   Tom: "What a bunch of cute girls!"Bill: "Are you kidding me? You should be very careful with all these one-night-stands!"Tom: "Whatever!" Fan: "Oh my god, it's Tom and Bill!"Fan: What are you doing here without security, aren't you afraid of fans jumping on you?"Bill: "When Tom sees beautiful, pretty girls like you, we'll go anywhere.Fans: "He thinks we're pretty!" Fan: "So, Tom, you just want a one-night-stand?"Tom: "Well, yeah."Fans: *scream* Fan: "Do you have condoms with you?"Tom: "No, but all these girls are so grown up, I'm sure one of you takes the pill."Fans: *astonished* Bill: "Tom, didn't you learn anything from the T-shirts we made for Designers against aids?"Tom: "Umm..well..." Fan: "Look at us, we're all wearing your T-shirt, so we did get the message, but you, don't think so!"Fan: "Be safe, use a condom!"Fan: "The more unprotected partners you have, the more the risk goes up that you'd get the disease."Fan: "Think twice. Rock hard, but f*** safe." Tom: "I was just kidding, of course I want safe sex!" Fans : "Hello, we're the Tokio Hotel street team Belgium and we think safe sex is very important. HIV is a terrible thing to have, so think twice, rock hard, but f*** safe." Fans: "ROCK HARD, F*** SAFE!" Thanks to Kimm, Ruth and Stef for their endless cheerfulness and thanks to all the members for being an actor for one day and making this cute video!