Londoners set the record for number of HIV tests on World AIDS Day

467 HIV tests in one day is the number to beat from now on.This number was reached last Thursday on World AIDS Day (December 1st) and was jointly achieved by the 56 Dean Street clinic and G-A-Y, at the G-A-Y Bar on Old Compton Street in London, UK.The clinics were using the rapid HIV test which can give results within 60 seconds. By pricking one's fingertip to extract a small amount of blood, the test checks for the immune system's reaction. It can also detect HIV after only 6 weeks of infection, a much shorter time period than the usual 3 months. To get more clued up on rapid testing have a look at the CDC website here.Interestingly, only a small percentage of people worldwide who have access to HIV testing are getting tested. Why is that?The rapid test is quick and effective and you can know your HIV status immediately (or at least your status of 6 weeks ago) so what is stopping people from regularly getting tested?Unfortunately there are still many barriers people need to overcome, for instance knowing where to get tested, concerns about how much it will cost, the fear of finding out, denial,....If you are going to get tested, have a think about what those barriers would be for you, then take some time to consider the ramifications if you DON'T get to know your status while having unprotected sex, share needles or practicing other risky behaviour.Which city will beat London's record? Maybe it will be yours?