Lust For Life - Do You Have It?

At Designers against Aids we raise awareness about HIV and AIDS by using original and fun campaigns, because otherwise who would listen to what we have to say? Of course we're not the only organization that makes a difference in a creative way:  for instance, ONE Condoms (nothing to do with Bono) recently created the campaign ‘Lust for Life’. The maker of pleasure products partnered with Billi Kid and convinced 22 celebrated graffiti and street artists in the New York City area to put their message on an ordinary traffic stop sign. The STOP sign refers to the urban communities, which are among the hardest hit by new HIV transmissions. ONE’s mission is to increase the use of condoms by creating products and programs that make it easier to learn and talk about buying and using condoms. The street art was exhibited at Urban Outfitters in Herald Square and the original works were auctioned off to benefit Lifebeat, a US based non-profit organization that provides HIV outreach and support to young people in urban communities. Although the event at Urban Outfitters is over, it’s still possible to buy your Lustforlife products: you can find the customized condoms and T-shirts here   In this film we can see Shiro who is creating her STOPsign for the Lust for Life campaign:   We're already big fans! How about you?