Ogilvy Brazil Launched Campaign For NGO Life Support Group

This campaign is inspired by the latest campaign of Vangardist, a progressive men’s magazine based in Vienna and published in both English and German. Vangardist made a limited edition issue featuring a cover printed with HIV positive blood. Now Ogilvy Brazil did something new with this idea. When I saw this campaign I thought this was beautiful!  Ogilvy Brazil launched a campaign for the NGO Life Support Group (GIV). Each poster, placed around São Paulo contains  a drop of blood from an HIV-positive individual. Since HIV can’t survive for more than an hour outside the human body, the posters are completely harmless, the idea being to show that, like the poster, individuals with HIV are not to be feared. This is exemplified in the tagline, “If prejudice is an illness, information is the cure.”Check the movie on Youtube: