Priscillia for change

Hi my name is Priscillia!Today I worked at Designers against AIDS for the project Zuiddag. First I started with styling some outfits from the clothes that are sold in the Fashion Days shop. Then I did a little photoshoot. :) As I am studying for stylist and want to become a fashion designer and blogger one day, I really liked it and didn't want to stop!Then I wrote a blog together with Gianluca about Zuiddag and why I am here today. It was really nice to see how the website works and how you can write a nice blog. After this we all had lunch together, it was really cosy and I felt right at home here at DAA. In the afternoon Sophie asked me to arrange the stock. This may sound boring, but I found it interesting because I could see a lot of nice pieces of previous DAA and FAA collections.At the end of the day I had a look at different great pieces of many designers and artists who customized a t-shirt for DAA. It was really inspiring and I feel like customizing one for them to.If I had to tell you how my day was...well, I would say I would do it again in a minute!