Sex Degrees of Separation -or how exposed to STI's are you? Take our test here!

Ever heard of Six Degrees of Separation? It's the idea that every person is just six connections away from everyone else on the planet. Strange, right? Well, wait until you read this...Does the term Sex Degrees of Separation ring a bell? Yes, indeed we are also sexually connected to each other. This means that having sex with one person is having sex, indirectly of course, with all his or her previous partners too. We found a cool online calculator that shows you with how many people you've had indirect sex. The calculator is not a diagnostic tool but does highlight how exposed you can be to STIs if you do not practice safe sex. You can even share your results on Twitter and Facebook- if you dare!Curious? Check and do the test. We were shocked and we guess you will be too. So start spreading the word, not the disease!