Soccer against AIDS

As the World Cup is keeping football fans all over the world captivated, a former Belgian football hero has joined hands with Doctors without Borders to make sure people don't forget about that other big match: the fight against AIDS. Ex Belgian Red Devil Leo Van der Elst and Doctors without Borders decided to organize a benefit game on July 2nd in Brussels to raise public awareness about this disease, as new HIV infections are still rising all over the world. It was a showdown between a team of Doctors without Borders and an all star team of former Red Devils.   The match is a part of Doctors without Borders' appropriately named campaign ‘Halftime', a project that was born when the organization realized that less money than before was being spent on the growing HIV/AIDS problem: major international sponsors are starting to pull out, at a time where funds are desperately needed for research, aid and prevention. The organizers of 'Halftime' want to send a firm message, that even though progress in the fight against this disease is being made, the game itself is far from won.   In Belgium and most of Europe, football (soccer) is the most popular sport, so we here at DAA are thrilled that these sports heroes are taking action in raising HIV/Aids awareness -and hopefully they raised some highly needed money too!     source: