South African President Zuma Wants A Tattoo On All People With HIV

South African president Jacob Zuma has reportedly signed a controversial law which is aimed at fighting HIV. This is very important, as South Africa has the biggest and most high profile HIV epidemic in the world. Jacob Zuma, born in 1942, is the president of the African National Congress, the governing political party. Zuma has faced significant legal challenges concerning rape, corruption and fraud but the National Prosecuting Authority decided to drop the charges.   This new bill will make sure that anyone who is tested and found to be HIV positive will not only receive counselling and medication but will also be marked with a tattoo near their genital area to warn potential lovers. Jacob Zuma said: “The mark is to protect those who can’t say no to sex. I mean if you can’t read between the lines you should read between the legs because that’s where the status would be tatted.” We understand that HIV is a very big problem in South Africa, but this law won’t solve the stigma around HIV and the difference in equality between people with and without HIV. On the contrary!