The International Aids Conference

This year's International Aids Conference will be held in Vienna from July 18th until July 23d. The conference takes place every two years and this year their expecting about 25 000 participants and visitors. Vienna was chosen as host city for AIDS 2010 because of the central role it has played in bridging Eastern and Western Europe, and because it will allow for an examination of the epidemic's impact in Eastern Europe.   The International AIDS Conference is the biggest gathering for those working in the field of HIV, as well as policy makers, people living with HIV and others committed to ending the pandemic so of course Designers against Aids will also be represented. DAA has always tried to raise HIV/AIDS awareness in young people especially and our very own Steffi Tisson will be joining fellow activists from all over the world at the Youth Pavilion and the Global Village of AIDS 2010. The Global Village is a diverse and vibrant space where community gathers from all over the world to meet, share and learn from each other. It is a space for community to demonstrate the application of science and good leadership. It is also a space that invites conference participants to see how science translates into community action and intervention. Wat's not to like about that? The Global Village is the place to be!   Steffi will share thoughts and experiences with all sorts of organizations working towards the same goal as DAA: getting the safe sex message out there and stopping HIV/AIDS. As the IHAEC in Deurne is coming together and getting ready to open it's doors in the fall of 2010 to students from all over the globe Steffi is on a quest to find interesting partners to team up with.   Keep an eye on our website to see and read all about Steffi's adventures in Vienna! You can find her blogposts here.