the TTTday: Tokio Hotel, Tea and T-shirts

Such an unconventional Saturday at DAA: seven beauties (well, 8 with our Sophie), only 2 guys (Carsten and me)...what more could you wish for? :-) These seven lucky Tokio Hotel fans travelled the whole world (read: the Benelux) to come to Antwerp! It has been a great pleasure to spend the afternoon together, a great chance to meet new people and at the same time, of course, to discuss Respect.   Since we were at Designers against AIDS, well, we began by sharing some hot tea and a few words on HIV/AIDS. And what really struck me is that... I sort of have a prejudice about youngsters and AIDS: I have the impression that they know very little on the subject, or simply don't give a damn about it. Partially mistaken: many of them certainly need to get some more accurate information (and here comes DAA!), but they do care, oh yes. Taking the QAQ (Quick Aids Quiz) was not that tough, but it turned out to be very useful, as this world is full of a lot of wrong information and clichés on HIV/AIDS. Then the discussion went on with what we at DAA do and on the new Education Center, which will start hosting young students from next year. Who knows, maybe some of these girls will be our first guests?   But at this point you may think we simply did a lot of talking. A comfy, boring afternoon. No, no, no. After that we did roll up our sleeves and customize beautiful T-shirts! And between you and me: our girls have a lot of creativity! Further on this page you can have a look at some of the results - these T-shirts are still work in progress, but in the next days you will be able to admire our works of art! So please stay tuned, and meanwhile a warm thank you to Corinne, Emily, Esther, Jill, Nicky, Romy and Sophie!