What DAA got up to for World AIDS Day 2011

Although we think everyday is World AIDS Day... yesterday really was World AIDS Day and hence a doubly significant day in the DAA calendar. 30 years on from the first AIDS diagnosis and you could spot the DAA flair at WAD events in Antwerp, Brussels and London.   Andy, our UK volunteer hit up City Hall with the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson and HIV activist Annie Lennox. The focus was on 'Life in my Shoes', a youth led campaign aimed at bringing greater understanding to young Londoners about what life is like living with HIV.   Ilana, Clizia and Alexandra (the latter two who you may remember from the IHAEC blog) attended a World AIDS Day benefit concert at De Roma in Antwerp. We were hanging out with other HIV focused organisations Sprinkle, Sensoa and Het Roze Huis to provide the educational part of the evening. Luckily Roland, Helmut Lotti, Roy Aernouts, Sioen, Flip Kowlier and Amanda Strydom were there to perform thus catering to the musically hungry locals. We had some keen interest in the new Delvaux X DAA love pouch, a beautifully crafted leather slip for your condom, especially from the ladies (see our facebook pics). For those who missed out, they can be purchased at Delvaux stores or at their e-shop   Finally, Ninette and Peke found themselves at Flamant in Brussels for a stylish cocktail party with lavish furniture and an even more lavish cocktail buffet. However, it was not all about the food, Ninette (DAA's founder) gave a heartfelt and honest speech about the need to scale up HIV awareness in the media and the importance of HIV prevention to flatten Belgium's increasing HIV incidence. For a preventable disease in developed countries, there really are no more excuses.   Everyday is WAD, DAA xxPhotos from De Roma, AntwerpPhotos from Flamant, Brussels