Where did you wear it?

Planned Parenthood launched a really fun campaign called “Where Did You Wear It?”. They ask users to scan their QR-coded condoms to create a map of places where safe sex happens. This way the organization helps young people realize safe sex happens (and should be happening) everywhere and hopefully the campaign helps normalizing the use of condoms to make users feel proud to wear protection.   How does it work?   You can “check in” using the GPS on your scanning devices when scanning the condom and submit your locations to the site. The site will use the information to create a map of places where safe sex is happening. Each check-in earns a new spot on a map that you can tweet to your followers or post on your Facebook wall. You can search the map by gender, age, location, type of relationship and other constraints. Don’t be shocked if there are some naughty things going on in your street - at least they will be safe there!   What about privacy?   The creators of the campaign believe that the use of social media will help the young, sexually active generation to feel comfortable promoting safe sex in stead of being embarrassed to publicly talk about it. But of course sex is still a private matter, the organization realises that and takes care of the couples' privacy. The dot that appears on the map when someone enters his or her adress is randomized plus or minus three or four city blocks, so it’s not placed exactly at their house/address.     Let’s hope that the site removes the perceived stigmas about the use of a condom and promotes discussions within relationships about it.    See where other smart, sexy and responsible people are using protection at http://www.wheredidyouwearit.com/