Zuiddag @ DAA: helping Indonesia

One day free from school, yippie! But don't misunderstand, these guys are doing it for the good cause: today, on October 21, many Belgian employers open their doors to young students for one day. Yes, one whole working day! This is 'Zuiddag', a project which started in Norway in 1964 and aims to help developing countries. How does this work? Well, it's all about...working! For one day students get the feel of what working in a real job is all about and the salary they raise goes straight to good local projects all around the world. In previous years thousands of euros have been collected for countries such as Colombia, Uganda and Brazil and this year's target involves healthy organic food projects in Indonesia (on Java and Bali).   And here is where DAA steps in: today a really special guest has joined us! Her name is Priscillia and she is a student at Sint-Maria Modeschool in Antwerp. We are really happy to take part in this good project, even for one single day, because we believe in what 'Work for Change' has been doing for countries that are less lucky than ours.   Later on this afternoon we are going to give you fresh updates and Priscillia will be blogging about her day at DAA, so please stay tuned!