Zzzip2: let's get equal

"Well well, Mr. X, although we are looking for a female secretary, so far your interview has been pretty successful, but still there are a couple of things I'd like to know about you...ever been to a Lady Gaga concert?" It may sound bizarre, but this kind of idiotic approach is not so unusual these days. Rather than being "simply" legally punishable, it tells a lot about how many steps we still have to take if we want to achieve really equal opportunities. When it comes to daily life, "equal rights" doesn't equal "equal opportunities". Puzzled? Me too. But there's good news, as somebody is trying to make it less blurry for us: the Policy Research Centre on Equal Opportunities for the Flemish Minister Pascal Smet is organising a study on effectively equal opportunities, which involves an interesting online survey. Spreekt u Nederlands? Then go straight (or gay, because it's open to everybody!) to the right page and make your contribution. It's for a better, more equal future - ours, yours and theirs. Not finished yet: to top it up, interesting prizes for some lucky winners (Ipod Nano, Ipad and much more)!