NO Anti-Homosexuality Bill Planned In Uganda!

Big news just came in on October 24th, 2019: there will be NO Anti-Homosexuality Bill re-introduced in the Parliament in Uganda!

After I heard the scary news on various social media about this Bill being passed again and Ugandan people planning to murder LGBTQ people, I asked my friend Eddy from the Non Violence Project in Uganda to investigate. And he came up with the news below- there will be NO such bill, it was nullified by Uganda's court of law in 2014 and people who want to hurt or kill gay people in Uganda will be brought to court swiftly and convicted. Eddy added that prejudice against LGBTQ people in Uganda is still there (and the same goes for issues such as pre-marital sex), but hopefully education will put an end to that one day soon.
Please share this news widely and make something positive happen in Uganda!
Thank you.
Ninette Murk, founder/creative director Beauty without Irony, Creative Platform for Social Change and Designers against AIDS.