Can You Show Me The Picture Of Your Cheesy?

I am writing a blog entry with a pencil that Elias bought me as a present for the end of his intership at DAA. He also gave presents to the rest of the DAA team. The most interesting present was for Ayke: a toy- gun, not saying that other ones were not good as well, and more mature, except for the collection of dinosaurs that Matteo got. Than it was our turn to say goodbye, which we’ ve decided to do in a funny way, so we wrote down our thoughts about Elias and put it on gay dating web-site. After he read it, he was all emotional, even if we reminded him that it supposed to be funny, and that he is on dating web-site for God’s sake! Than we made a group hug… Not a second later, Elias got few messages from guys asking him something that I am not sure I can write down in my blog entry. I will just say that those contained words like XXL, cheesy dick etc. Here I said it!

We will miss Elias so much, and we wish him great future! And, offcourse, we will keep in touch with him, because the end of his intership doesn’t mean the end of our friendship!