Foam Rubber And HIV - An Army Of Puppets

Let's talk about puppets, again. It seems that talking about HIV with a character made out of foam rubber is becoming really popular. Last week I talked about a brand-new spot made by Avenue Q characters,and this week I found other similar videos that have just been uploaded on YouTube (first link - second link). These two videos are about the work of Darren Collins and -more in general- about the project 'Hand Up'. This is an educational project that aims to inform adults and children in Kenya about HIV/AIDS matters as well as safe sex. The strategy is to involve the use of puppets in the educative process since in this way it is possible to bypass the difficulties of talking in public about sex and STDS. This can be a problem because, in Africa, sexual issues are not subjects that people are used to discuss in front of others. The second advantage is that puppets are not only attractive for children, but for adults too. Even if it is easier to notice the amusement of a child that watches a puppet show, it is also true that adults feel the same attraction to them. Both adults and children interact with the puppets - talking with them and asking questions - during the performance. 'Hand Up' is not the only organization that's using this strategy in the fight against AIDS and I really hope that all these talented people and their work become an example to everyone. Wouldn't it be amazing to defeat the plague with just puppets as weapons?