Take The Insti HIV Self Test, Just Like Prince Harry

Getting tested for HIV on a regular basis is important and nowadays nothing could be easier or more discreet, as you can now buy the Insti Test and do it at home. The test comes with a very clear manual and gives you a direct result: if negative (1 blue dot), everything is fine, if you get 2 blue dots, it's best to consult a doctor or sexual health clinic and get a second test done just to make sure and receive extra counseling if needed. 
Biolytical, the Canadese company who developed the Insti Test, has now started to distribute in Europe: in France you can buy it in the pharmacy, while in the UK you can order the test online:


We hope that many more countries will follow soon, so that everybody is aware of their HIV status at all times.

Watch Prince Harry take the Insti HIV Self Test here: