Presenting the winners of the DAA Competition on Arts Thread!

We're proud to announce the winner and runners up of the DAA x Arts Thread Young Creatives Against AIDS Contest! Scroll down to read the comments from our illustrious judging panel.


First prize goes to Carl Newson, studying Art & Design BA Hons at New College Nottingham. Carl previously studied Fashion and focused of creating bespoke costumes for Drag Queens and burlesque performers. Carl’s campaign is called One of your 5 a Day.
‘If we can look at a serious situation with a slight sense of humour it can be easier to digest and allow people to be confident to ask questions. I hope the ‘ONE OF YOUR 5 A DAY’ slogans are designed in a way to allow conversations to start about safe sex and AIDS, but in a more supportive way.’

View Carl Newson’s One of your Five a Day campaign on ARTS THREAD


Runner up is Cristina Palacios, studying Fashion Branding with Communication BA Hons at Leeds Arts University. A story told through visuals using the concept of the youth being blind to the dangers of Aids.
View Cristina Palacios’s Protect. Protect. Promote. campaign on ARTS THREAD


Joint 2nd runners up are Aspire Norton and Isabella Taylor.

Aspire Norton from Fashion Design BA Hons at Cardiff School of Art and Design. Aspire’s campaign is inspired by the 1980s Ballroom Culture and its creativity.
View Aspire Norton’s DAA campaign on ARTS THREAD

Isabella Taylor is studying Fashion Branding with Communication BA Hons at Leeds Arts University. Her campaign Protect your environment is a campaign and short photo series published on social media to help inform young people about the prevention of HIV and safe sex.
View Isabella Taylor’s Protect your environment campaign on ARTS THREAD


Comments from the judges –

Nicolas Loufrani, CEO of Smiley (London and Paris)
‘It was very interesting to discover how so many young designers could come up with totally different visions of the same problem. It is what is fascinating about the world of design, there are no boundaries as to what can be created, however, only very few ideas can have a real impact on the public, be loved and remembered. It requires a real understanding of your audience and of the world we live in, talent, intuition and technical ability to end up with a winning concept.’

Barbara Franchin, founder of #ITS (Trieste)
‘Looking at the DAA contest entries I am pleased to how creativity thrives and flourishes in young designers in so many different fields. It is refreshing and exciting to know there is always the possibility of a bright future ahead thanks to these passionate minds!’

Sean Black, photographer, writer and teacher (Miami)
‘As an arts-activist, journalist and more importantly an educator in the visual arts, it is imperative that I remain relevant and passionate in all areas of my teaching discipline. Part of this comes from staying engaged with the community of global art students in programs the likes from which my career began. I was honoured to be asked by Ninette and DAA to jury the Arts Thread contest; not only to see how global students are participating in creative activism and visual rhetoric but also to see precisely the ways in which they are critically processing vital information in an era of constantly streaming images, graphics, and video.

‘In reviewing the submissions several common ‘threads’ became apparently clear – compassion, creativity and thoughtfulness. Art students appear in many shapes, sizes, tastes and colours just like the pieces they manifest. However, art students see possibilities with openness and optimism that non-artists overlook. The work that appealed most to me was that which involved light-hearted humor that didn’t undermine the importance of messaging as well as work that involved loved ones and close friends in the creation-process. Community-based and cause-related art to me is cathartic and healing therefore the most beautiful, as it uplifts and unites us as one global population.’

Jens Laugesen, fashion designer and teacher (London)
‘It was great to see how very diverse student students from all around the world reacted to the Designers Against AID legacy and came up with new innovative creative ideas on how to take social activism and the unfortunately still on going stigma and tabu about HIV positivity and AIDS into the 21st century. The submissions showcased many different styles and creative mindset and provoking visuals that reflected diverse cultural sensitivities and a need for inclusive humanity inclusive and thought provoking communication in these challenging times.’

Ninette Murk, founder and creative director of Designers against AIDS, Beauty without irony and Creatives for a Better World (Antwerp)
‘I loved seeing the different interpretations of the brief and the ways the students thought they could interest other young people for the concept of safe sex and HIV prevention. It really was an eye opener and we hope to use some of this amazing work on our DAA social media!’

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