King Baudouin Foundation

Recently we've seen a call to support DAA's activity in opening the International HIV/AIDS Awareness Education Center (IHAEC) in the E-Newsletter of the King Beaudoin Foundation, whose motto is 'Acting Together for a Better Society'. This respected Belgian charitable foundation mobilizes its 'Friends', reaching out to donators in the sectors of business and social development, science, research, health and community.

Click on for more details on the Foundation's network of contributors, projects and causes.

Through the administration of project accounts, the King Baudouin foundation helps associations, organizations or local authorities harvest funding in favour of specific initiatives of general or social interest. The fund permits their donors to benefit from a fiscal deduction.

We at Designers against AIDS are very happy with the support of the King Baudoin Foundation and we hope that their call for funding for IHAEC won't fall on deaf ears as we still need a lot of financial support to be able to open the center in the best of circumstances this summer!


Pictured is Dutch grafitti artist Damien Watson, at work in one of the resident student rooms- it sure will be a pleasure to stay here!