The Corpus Of Corpus

On January 22 and 23 the University of California Riverside is hosting an interesting conference about HIV/AIDS: The Corpus of Corpus : A Symposium on AIDS, Arts and (Counter) Public Health.

Published by AIDS Project Los Angeles, Corpus is a bi-annual journal using art, cultural criticism, poetry, short stories and humor to reveal the challenges of HIV prevention in gay and bisexual communities. “The Corpus of Corpus: A Symposium on AIDS, Arts and (Counter) Public Health” extends the work of the journal in considering the state of HIV prevention-outreach, public health and the interrelations between outreach, public health, identity and cultural production twenty years into the AIDS pandemic.

The symposium features an opening plenary of editors of the journals’ issues, followed by readings and performances from invited artists whose work has been featured in the journal and by panels focusing on the issues of AIDS and public health. 

One of those artists is Dino Dinco. He teamed up with Lee Cooper and DAA in 2008 for the ‘Lee Cooper 100 years auction’ in Paris.  Up for auction were special denim-themed pieces by artists and designers.  Dino Dinco his contribution was a curatorial project involving 11 artists living with HIV and their jeans.

He asked each artist to turn his or her jeans inside out.  Inside, they wrote their name, the date of their birth and the date they became aware of having HIV.  He also asked them to place an object of meaning inside one of the pockets.

As Dino Dinco was collecting the jeans from one of the artists, the guy pointed out something Dino hadn't considered.  He told him, "I'm passing my jeans onto you and they, in turn, will be passed on to the highest bidder.  In a way, it's like a metaphor for how HIV is passed from person to person.”


Click HERE to check out the program of the conference. 

Leo Mondor was one of the 11 artists who took part in this projcet.