Designers against AIDS’ mission is developing and delivering up-to-date prevention and awareness programs which appeal to the young generation – mainly concerning matters with relation to sexual relationships and the related, possible consequences. This should, as a mental trigger, warn them and result in a downward trend of HIV/AIDS infections.

IHAEC acted globally by training IHAEC ambassadors from all over the world who now deliver the programs in their home country after their courses in the IHAEC. IHAEC is now in the process to move to an online platform called ‘Creatives For A Better World’, that hopes to launch early 2020. This way many more young people from all over the world can take part.


To be recognized as an up to the mark and global player that proactively reaches out to our younger generation. By using appealing, accurate and innovative prevention and awareness programs, DAA aims to minimize the risk of infection with the HIV/AIDS virus.